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shareware for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11

Parents need to set a limit to the time kids use computers.
AlaTimer and Fred Flinstone come to the rescue!

Softpedia review

"The application was specifically designed for children, making it easy to use and lightweight. The messages displayed are children-oriented and use a friendly cartoon character, which can sometimes be more persuasive than adults. Parents can restrict access to the Internet or Windows applications easily. AlaTimer can be accessed remotely by AlaFredy, so parents can change the scheduled hours anytime easily."

Kids don't yet know how to balance their activities, to find a healthy lifestyle.

The screens that are stealing childhood - The Sydney Morning Herald (2012)


shareware for DOS and Windows

A preset menu helps novice users navigate through DOS directories and to invoke various DOS commands.

Advanced users will also benefit, because this menu system is mouse driven and would otherwise require fewer key-strokes for routine launching of business, games, or educational programs, backups or just viewing of images, playing music or printing.

There is no limit to the number of programs that may be started from AlacartE menues. A hierarchy of multiple menu pages may easily be created. All colours, text and hotkeys are configurable. AlacartE is bundled with DOS screen savers that may be customised by, or for the user. Sound setting on or off. Optional password protection on any menu option inclusive for the "Exit to DOS". [F1] for help.

AlacartE was featured in the CD included with the book: "Using MS-DOS 6.22 - Second Special Edition" by Allen L. Wyatt, Sr. published in 1999 by Que (a Division of McMillan, USA)

TLP Zebra

freeware for Windows

A set of barcode Monitor and Print Windows apps that can easily be integrated within any larger software systems.

Using the "InBox - OutBox" principle, it monitors the "InBox" folder for a predefined name text file. As soon as such file is "posted" it willl move it into the "OutBox" folder and run a command (with command line parameters) that was pre-configured, by the user.