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Brazos Austin (TX) - General Operations Map

Brazos Austin operates five main departments:
Students Loans Origination, Private Loans, Loans Servicing, Monetary Processing and Loans Sales.

Loan Origination for Students or Private Loans are at the forefront of the Loans' Processing cycle. This is where applications for loans are received, reviewed and processed, through interaction with either BOSS or AFSA's Database systems.

Once a loan is approved, funds are issued to schools / universities, or to the private borrower. The loan is then "fully funded" and is usually sold to a Servicing Company. Some of the loans are sold "internally" and are serviced by Brazos. When a loan is sold the folder containing all relevant documents is sent to the Servicing Company that buys it.

The Loan Servicing Department responds to inquiries in form of phone calls, emails, letters, faxes, pertaining to funded loans. This is where fast access to archived documents is much needed, especially so on telephonic inquiries.