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Viewstar MIR - Report analysis using Excel
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This Management Information Reporting (MIR) ViewStar application was designed at the request of the Wandsworth borough of London. It is a reporting tool that provides the ViewStar workflow System Administrators, under management guidance, the ability to design, modify, add or remove management reports, as or when the need arises.

Rather than providing a pre-defined set of reports with a fixed number of user selectable parameters that would deliver a preformatted output, this application is a reporting tool that incorporates a report interpreter and generator. MIR is capable of interpreting text configuration files that define the reports title, contents, parameters and results layout, thereby allowing adaptation to change in business reporting needs.

Selecting any of the workflow process sections displays a list of reports that is relevant to that section. When selecting a report certain parameters may also be selected ahead of launching it. Reports are set by the System Administrators via an easy to use graphical user interface (point and click). The total number of reports that may be configured is virtually unlimited.

Wandsworth MIR Users Guide