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Shareware - AlacartE

AlacartE - Menu
for MS-DOS and Windows

AlacartE MS-DOS user defined Menus
User defined menus, hotkeys, text, colors
Unlimited number of menu options
Quit to DOS, with or without password
Onscreen help with F1
Menu driven setup
Custom Exit to DOS option
Exit to DOS with password
Exit to DOS with or without message
Exit to DOS custom message
User configurable Exit to DOS
Encrypted password setup
Master password option
Password verification double entry
Quit menu to DOS setup
Set your own menu title
Set your own menu title
Set the horizontal menus titles
Set the drop down menu titles
Select a menu screen saver
Configure a custom Quit to DOS
Configure the menu colors

Easy to set and modify MS-DOS menu, friendly mouse driven interface, gives good old black screen DOS the feeling of a Windows operating system. Point and click, set and run.

Applications activated from the AlacartE MS-DOS menu have no additional memory constraints, as AlacartE does not remain resident during a program's execution. This means that the activated app operates exactly as if it were started from a DOS prompt, making use of the entire PC memory space.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of DOS commands, applications or games that may be started from the AlacartE menues. A hierarchy of multiple menu pages may easily be created and run. Each menu option may be protected by an encrypted password.

All colours, text and hotkeys are configurable. AlacartE is bundled with DOS screen savers that may be customised by, or for the user. Character User Interface (CUI) or Graphical User Interface (GUI) are both available. Sound effects may be switched on or off.

"Exit to DOS" may optionally be password protected, just like any other menu selection.

[F1] for Help.
[F2] for Setup.

PC Report - South Africa

Server or site license available on request.

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AlacartE - DOS Menu
was included in the CD attached to the Que publication
"Using MS-DOS 6.22",
with other famous software programs like PKZip (the ancestor of the well-known file compression software WinZIP) and the very popular anti-virus software Avast.

AlacartE published by Que with "Using MS-DOS 6.22"
"Using MS-DOS 6.22" contained AlacartE DOS Menu
AlacartE and AVAST published on this CD
AlacartE and PKZip published on this CD

AlacartE comes into focus as a beacon of light, making unbelievable tasks simple. Amazing!

Brian Gillespie - North Holywood, CA. USA - February 1999

I have been configuring AlacartE for about five hours now and I think the only limit to its utility is my own imagination.

William Schaedler - Mindsprings, CA. USA - July 1999

Best and most stable menu program tried.

Peter Guenther - Tasmania, Australia - July 2000

We are using the software on 100 machines and it's working fine. Thanks for the Great software.

Figu - Temple University, Pennsylvania and Florida USA - January 2002

AlacartE users

USA companies
  • Compaq TX & IL
  • Temple University PA
  • CIC NY
  • BF Corp KY
  • Century 21 HI
  • Carlson Marketing Group MI
  • Camp Mac AL
  • Partners Pacific Optometry
  • The Laser Group FL
  • WhamO CA
  • Precision Research AZ
  • Restland TX
  • Joyce Rebhun Inc CA
  • Social Studies Services CA
  • Derby Metal Inc SC
Australian companies
  • Eastside Christian School (TA)
  • Adelaide Brighton Cement (SA)
and many more users worldwide, in
  • UK
  • France
  • Austria
  • Israel
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • South Africa