Information Technology

Consulting 1995 - 2010

Image, Barcode Integration, Zebra TLP
2003 - 2010

- Australia (Sydney)

Anti-virus Development, C++
2001 - 2002

- Australia (Sydney)
vCIS developed an application for detection and eradication of malicious code, viruses, trojans, worms and spyware for MS-DOS and for Windows 16 and 32 bit environments. Designed using Object Orientated technology and Visual C++ with Rose Objects, the product incorporated a module that associated predefined Analytical behaviors as either viral or security threat.

Web Development, HTML

- Australia (Sydney)

POS Casio Cash registers, ARCnet , C++

- Australia (Sydney)
An ARCnet server communicated with the TK range of Casio Cash Registers (Point of Sale) connected to a Hotel Front Desk system via an RS-232 port. The software design included a tailor-made comprehensive communications protocol, with fail-safe hand-shake messaging and periodic watchdog ensuring communication integrity. The product, named "VHS" (Versatile Hospitality System) was promoted internationally by Casio (Japan) and was installed in various countries around the world.

CASIO VHS System Overview