Information Technology

Consulting 1989 - 1994

Document Management, Visual C++
1992 - 1994

- South Africa (Johannesburg)

Computer Security , Turbo C /C++

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
The "Telegraphic Message Authentication (TMA)" package, developed for the First National Bank's Treasury Department operated under MS-DOS, on the IBM PS/2. It replaced the outdated "Computerised Authentication of Telex Messages" system, which operated on an Olivetti P6060 .

Borland Turbo C , C++ Development
1989 - 1990

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
Development of a Text User Interface , also known as Terminal User Interface (TUI) for VT100 terminals connected to DEC PDP-11 computers. A C Language Library that was initially developed and tested on an IBM-PC monochrome screen, driven via a Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) card, under MS-DOS, was ported, modified as needed and recompiled using PDP-C under RSX11M+.

An intuitive user interaction was achieved through the display of Windows like boxes that emulate, a Graphical User Interface (GUI).