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In December 2004, CommInsure the Insurance arm of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, has deployed the Irish (Dublin) made FINEOS workflow system. This provided CommInsure's staff with a single view of a customer's insurance information across multiple lines of business, resulting in improved communication and better overall service experience for customers.

Over 500 users process claims, record client's calls and/or comlplaints, perform underwriting processes and handle communication with clients and advisers, using FINEOS as the Front Office system to the AS/400 Insure/90 and the CSC Life/400 Back Office registry systems.

Australia (Sydney)

ViewStar Workflow

Process Architect

1995 - 2007

In 1996, Halifax Britain's largest mutual bank has chosen ViewStar to provide a 23,000-seat enterprise-wide workflow, the largest in history, at an estimated cost of £90 million.

In the years 1995 to 2009, a number of London boroughs Councils were using the (USA designed) ViewStar workflow system for their Housing Benefits and Council Tax processes. These systems were commissioned by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) UK and were maintained by EDS until 1999.

On average, 5,000 documents were daily scanned in, by two Kodak scanners and more than 100 users accessed the ViewStar applications in order to process and respond to client's enquiries.

The ViewStar workflow was customized using graphic workflow maps, built and compiled with a Process Architect application. Further features as well as Windows graphic user interface were added-on using the ViewStar Script; a development language that had at its core a LISP interpreter / compiler that was further enhanced to incorporate Object Orientated concepts.

ViewStar Script sample source code

ViewStar BPI Objects

ViewStar Users' Conference - Chicago 1995

London, Leeds, Halifax, Reading

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

In 1995, the Australian ViewStar workflow software distributor Tandem Computers, was awarded the task of designing and implementing a workflow automation system for the Funds Management and Client Services departments at BZW Bank (Sydney) and Barclays Global Investors (BGI).

Shell Oil (Melbourne) used the ViewStar workflow in their Card Services department.

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