Information Technology


FINEOS Workflow

- Australia (Sydney)
  • CommInsure, Commonwealth Bank

ViewStar Workflow
1995 - 2007

- U.K.(London, Leeds, Halifax, Reading) - Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth)
  • Tandem,
  • Shell Oil,
  • BZW,
  • Barclays Global Investors,
  • BankWest
- U.S.A (Washington DC, Dallas, Austin TX)
  • Workflow Systems,
  • Brazos,
  • Tenet,
  • DoxSys

Documents Management SpyView

- U.S.A (Irvine, CA.)
  • Magellan Software

Documents Capture InputAccel

- Australia (Sydney)
  • CSA Australasia
- U.S.A (San-Jose CA, Seattle WA)
  • Input Software (Cornerstone)
  • RAF
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SHANIT - Consulting, Design, Workflow, Development

Shell Oil - Melbourne, VIC, Australia

After years of running a ViewStar 3.1 workflow, on Windows 3.1 desktops with a GUPTA database server that operated on the MS-DOS platform, the Card Services department, bound by directions from the World Head Office, needed to migrate their ViewStar workflow to Vantive.

Designed a ViewStar Script application, which provided an easy to use utility which extracted tens of thousands of documents and associated data structures from the ViewStar optical archives (jukebox), into such format that would suit importing into the newly installed Vantive software system.

CSA Australasia - Sydney, NSW, Australia
[1998 - 1999]

Having designed a custom workflow application that was utilised in conjunction with the first phase of the Telstra float, CSA Australasia took a strategic decision to further develop in the direction of documents acquisition, processing, recognition, management, storage and workflow.

As local distributor for the InputAccel software from Input Software - San Jose CA (later owned by EMC Captiva Software, we negotiated possible implementation of this software within the Australian Taxation Offices (ATO), for the upcoming GST introduction and at the NRMA, to process shares applications, during the company's floating. In November 1999, I attended specialised training at the Input Software offices in San Jose California and in December 1999, I discovered the "ins and outs" of the OCR software at RAF - Seattle, Washington USA.

Between 1997 and 2007 companies and software products in the Document Imaging arena have gone through frequent name changes as mergers and aquisitions happened in quick succession. This "Document Imaging Report" describes these events in further detail.
1998 - 1999
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