Information Technology


FINEOS Workflow

- Australia (Sydney)
  • CommInsure, Commonwealth Bank

ViewStar Workflow
1995 - 2007

- U.K.(London, Leeds, Halifax, Reading) - Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth)
  • Tandem,
  • Shell Oil,
  • BZW,
  • Barclays Global Investors,
  • BankWest
- U.S.A (Washington DC, Dallas, Austin TX)
  • Workflow Systems,
  • Brazos,
  • Tenet,
  • DoxSys

Documents Management SpyView

- U.S.A (Irvine, CA.)
  • Magellan Software

Documents Capture InputAccel

- Australia (Sydney)
  • CSA Australasia
- U.S.A (San-Jose CA, Seattle WA)
  • Input Software (Cornerstone)
  • RAF
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SHANIT - Consulting, Design, Workflow, Development

Workflow Systems LLC - Washington DC, USA

Designed and developed ViewStar Workflow applications for US companies, using the CBPI/EBPI ViewStar/Mosaix technology combined with other OCX objects, for the Visual Basic 6 and Windows 2000 environment. Designed and coded a generic VB application, to extract documents from any Jukebox storage device.

Tenet - Medical Insurance - Dallas Texas, USA

Designed new ViewStar version 5.1 applications to replace the previous version 3.11. The company was preparing to migrate its outdated system to the latest ViewStar version and so it required an extraction program to move the archived documents from their older type jukeboxes to the latest technology.

Brazos (Students Loans) - Austin Texas, USA

Using graphic modeller Process Architect, I produced workflow process maps and functional specification for a proposed workflow system targeted at Loan Processing, Loan Origination and Servicing, at Brazos (Austin - Texas), a company dealing yearly, with 3 billion US$ of students state and federal loans.

Bank West, Perth, WA, Australia

This project was part of the bank's investigation into planned implementation of a workflow system into its mortgage loans processing environment.
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