Information Technology


Microsoft Access Database, VBA
2011 - 2012

- France (Besancon)

Image, Barcode Integration, Zebra TLP
2003 - 2010

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Nestle Inc.
  • Rentokol Initial
  • ABI Group
  • Nexus Lexus

Anti-virus Development, C++
2001 - 2002

- Australia (Sydney)
  • vCIS

Web Development, HTML

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Online Systems

POS Casio Cash registers, Arcnet, C++

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Mobex

Document Management, Visual C++
1992 - 1994

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Q-Data
  • Exsol
  • Related Systems
  • Micrographics (MGX)

Computer Security, Turbo C/C++

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • First National Bank

Borland Turbo C, C++ Development
1989 - 1990

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Teklogic

Tablet/Mobile website
Tablet/Mobile website

Discount Freight Express (DFE) - Sydney, Australia

As Business Analyst consultant, I produced a detailed technical specification for the development of embedded software, interfacing with hand held devices, equipped with bar code readers for use by couriers. The system was intended to assist this courier company with parcel tracking and distribution management.

Online - Sydney, Australia

As Web design Consultant, I developed a web site for the Eastside Hotel, Sydney.

vCIS - Sydney, Australia
[2001 - 2002]

This company developed an application for detection and erradication of malicious code, viruses, trojans, worms and spyware for various type environments from DOS to Windows 16 and 32 bit environments. Using object orientated technology, Visual C++ with Rose Objects, I was responsible for the Analysis module of this product.

Designed and developed Change Detection mechanism for detection of files infected with a virus, using SQL queries through ODBC to an MS Access Database. Designed the Analysis Module that associated predefined Analytical behaviors as viral or security threat.
1995 - 2002

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