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Zebra TLP Zebra TLP Barcode Print / Monitor
for Microsoft Windows

This software app installs itself as an icon, in the Windows System Tray. Once installed and started for the first time, this app will auto-start on boot-up.
barcode Windows freeware Barcodes
Uses the "InBox - OutBox" principle; monitors an "InBox" folder for a predefined name text file. Once such file is "posted" it moves the file into the "OutBox" folder and runs a command (with command line parameters) that you have pre-set.

The "Data" parameter (the barcode value) is read from the "posted" text file. Once the label is printed this data file is deleted from the "OutBox" allowing for another such sequence of events to re-occur.
set and verify barcode lable print
The Print operation (barcode value with date and time) is logged in a text log file, which may be used for auditing or for reprint purposes.

A right hand click on the app's icon offers a menu with a number of "configurable" selections, as well as the standard "About" and "Close". Selecting "Close" will terminate this program.

This app could be used as is, or if needed it could be further developed to suit your needs.

sample barcode 39