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- Australia (Sydney)
  • CommInsure, Commonwealth Bank

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1995 - 2007

- U.K.(London, Leeds, Halifax, Reading) - Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth)
  • Tandem
  • Shell Oil
  • BZW
  • Barclays Global Investors
  • BankWest
- U.S.A (Washington DC, Dallas, Austin TX)
  • Workflow Systems
  • Brazos
  • Tenet
  • DoxSys

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- U.S.A (Irvine, CA.)
  • Magellan Software

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- Australia (Sydney)
  • CSA Australasia
- U.S.A (San-Jose CA, Seattle WA)
  • Input Software (Cornerstone)
  • RAF

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Halifax - Leeds and Reading, England

In 1996, Halifax Britain's largest mutual bank has chosen ViewStar to provide a 23,000-seat enterprise-wide workflow, the largest in history, at an estimated cost of £90 million.

In July 1997, in the little village of Copley, next to the town of Halifax in Yorkshire, England I have met with a team of engineers from a local distributor of IBM's Tivoli software.

Following several meetings, I have devised a full specification and went on to develop an integration facility for the two systems, ViewStar and Tivoli. This integration software designed for the Halifax Business Centers administration, as part of the Centralized Workflow Administration for the Mosaix ViewStar workflow, provided Tivoli with comprehensive reports on various aspects of the workflow system status. Any number of such reports could be triggered asynchronuosly and were dealt with by the Viewstar system on a "First In First Out" (FIFO) basis.

After a short visit to the Halifax Business Center in Leeds, that serviced nearly 700 users, I was assigned the task of System Administrator at the Reading Business Center, through the first phases of the workflow rollout period. During this phase of live implementation the Production and Training workflow systems at Reading, were licensed to more than 150 users.

Barclays Global Investors (BGI)- Sydney, NSW, Australia

Migrated the ViewStar workflow software from Novell to Windows NT4 Servers, from Windows 3.1 to Windows NT4 clients and the database from Microsoft SQL Server version 4.21 to version 6.5.

Further enhanced the workflow application, to include transactional data entry and interfaces with data sets extracted from a Sybase cash flow back-office system.
1997 - 1998

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