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We offer you all types of concepts and design of websites:

- Pamphlet web site
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- Business web site
- Custom web site
- Animated web site - Flash
- Responsive web site

This website has been designed according to the latest Google AMP-HTML standard and is both highly efficient and fully compatible with all mobile devices and screens of different sizes.

SEO and W3C standards

More important than having a website that is well designed aesthetically, is to have your site listed on the first page, by all search engines, for all relevant searches.

In terms of indexing web documents, coding them in compliance with W3C standards guarantees better ranking and recognition results, resulting in increased visibility by search engines.

Standards-compliant documents are not only more accurately indexed through their more logical information structure, but are also more likely to meet search engine expectations, which in turn facilitates accessibility and evaluation at the time of their classification.

Indeed, it is much easier for an indexing algorithm to recognize a document that meets the standards than another that does not respect any structural logic.

The W3C standards

Although validation is not mandatory on the Web, it is useful for improving the quality of pages.

From a commercial point of view
It is important to make sure that as many people as possible are viewing your website correctly. Compliance with W3C standards ensures that whatever their browser and operating system, the user will access your site correctly.

From a social point of view
It is important to consider the integration of accessibility standards, so that the disabled too can use the Internet in years to come.

From the technical point of view
Enriching these standards requires that some webmasters innovate and break these standards. This is the paradox of the internet; we must not give in to uniformity for its existence, but it must at least remain globally coherent.


Responive website using AMP-html standard