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Defects are not so much a technological problem as a sociological problem.

It's the system for building systems that we should be correcting.

The only unforgivable failure is the failure to learn from past failure.

Tom DeMarco: "Controlling Software Projects - Management Measurement & Estimation"

The lamp of experience... I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

Patrick Henry

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Tablet/Mobile website
Sun, 26 Mar 2023 13:27:18 +1100
Lithium in short sellers’ sights as Hindenburg blows up tech stock
As Block fends off explosive allegations from short sellers Hindenburg Research, data illustrates how some sectors are attracting the interest of investors who are shorting.
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Sun, 26 Mar 2023 12:11:30 +1100
Wall Street, ASX look for support to stem banking crisis as Deutsche Bank wobbles
Concerns that US authorities haven’t completely stemmed the contagion from the banking crisis will drive sharemarkets again this week.
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Sun, 26 Mar 2023 05:00:00 +1100
When living longer means getting no value for funeral insurance
Gill and Alan Brown have so far paid $21,500 for a $9500 benefit to cover the cost of each funeral. By their late 80s the couple may have shelled out $30,000 more.
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Sun, 26 Mar 2023 05:00:00 +1100
Public services need to be repurposed to meet our changing needs
Australians are living longer - and it is creating a variety of issues.
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Sun, 26 Mar 2023 05:00:00 +1100
The White Lotus effect: HBO and Netflix are deciding where you’ll take your next vacation
Vacationers are flocking to the locations of their favourite TV shows and movies in rapidly growing numbers.
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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 05:00:00 +1100
Banking badly: What went wrong at Credit Suisse
The collapse of Credit Suisse and the problems with America’s smaller banks may seem part of a broader malaise. But they’re also the victims of their own poor decisions.
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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 00:01:00 +1100
The great resignation that wasn’t
Predictions of a great resignation turned into a fizzer, with the numbers of Australians changing jobs each year staying relatively steady.
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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 00:01:00 +1100
Streaming services win short-term reprieve in anti-siphoning delay
The new anti-siphoning list, which determines which sports should be on free-to-air, will give the government time to reform the broader framework.
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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 00:00:00 +1100
How much we’re spending in huge shopping centres revealed
New sales figures show the 10 biggest malls across the country are pulling in huge amounts of money.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 18:11:14 +1100
‘Brazen red flag’: Fraud accusation triggers share plunge for Afterpay owner Block
ASX-listed shares of Afterpay-owner Block plunged more than 20 per cent on Friday after a report from short seller Hindenburg Research alleged the fintech facilitated fraudsters and other criminal activity.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 18:00:55 +1100
ASX finishes Friday in red after Wall Street rally fizzles out
The ASX has closed the week down, following a wobbly day of trading on Wall Street as worries continued about the banking industry.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 15:30:00 +1100
China’s economy at risk as Xi plays the isolation game
China became an economic powerhouse by opening itself up to the world. But Xi Jinping’s decision to align with Russia could have damaging consequences.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 11:45:00 +1100
It’s Meghan v Gwyneth: Let the wellness wars begin
Paltrow has turned Goop into a behemoth to match her glossy Hollywood credentials - but the Duchess of Sussex is coming for her crown.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 11:30:00 +1100
A good life: The reason we have become so well off
The driver behind much of our prosperity has been government and the taxes it has imposed.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 10:51:13 +1100
Crypto fugitive who triggered $60b meltdown nabbed at airport
Do Kwon, who has been the subject of an Interpol red notice, presided over one of the crypto sector’s most damaging episodes.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 10:44:47 +1100
The $7 billion business of forecasting Japan’s cherry blossoms
As millions seek out prime locations to catch a glimpse of Japan’s famed cherry blossoms, or sakura, their enjoyment hinges on one of the most unusual forecasts in the world.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 08:03:26 +1100
Rio Tinto’s Australian staff may have had personal data stolen in hack
Personal data of Rio Tinto Ltd’s former and current Australian employees may have been stolen by a cybercriminal group, according to a staff memo
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 05:00:00 +1100
They’re the cornerstones of our economy, but sometimes banks collapse. Why?
Every few years we hear about a bank folding. Why can’t it be prevented? And what’s contagion?
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 00:05:00 +1100
Responsible Wagering Australia picks new boss as gambling inquiry looms
Former department of social services policy adviser Kai Cantwell will lead Responsible Wagering Australia from next month.
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Fri, 24 Mar 2023 00:01:00 +1100
4.4m Australians could have better workplace experience
Inclusive organisations are beginning to take more action on accessibility.
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