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Defects are not so much a technological problem as a sociological problem.

It's the system for building systems that we should be correcting.

The only unforgivable failure is the failure to learn from past failure.

Tom DeMarco: "Controlling Software Projects - Management Measurement & Estimation"

The lamp of experience... I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

Patrick Henry

Tablet/Mobile website
Tablet/Mobile website
Sat, 02 Dec 2023 23:56:51 GMT
Baby formula soaring costs: 'I struggle, but I won’t buy a cheaper brand'
Why struggling parents aren't choosing cheaper brands when it comes to infant formula milk.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 07:25:30 GMT
Train strikes: When are the walkouts in December?
Train drivers are holding rolling walkouts in December in a long-running row over pay and conditions.
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Sat, 02 Dec 2023 23:56:24 GMT
Could X go bankrupt under Elon Musk?
Musk's profane attack on advertisers baffled experts - without adverts, how would X survive?
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Sat, 02 Dec 2023 00:08:03 GMT
Digital pound plans should proceed with caution, say MPs
The benefits of a digital pound are unclear but the government should keep exploring it, say MPs.
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Sun, 03 Dec 2023 06:46:04 GMT
Bankruptcy 'opportunity' after student loan crisis
Changes in the US are enticing more people to file bankruptcy to clear their student loans.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 18:04:15 GMT
Three network down for tens of thousands across UK
The network says it is working on the issue to fix it as soon as possible.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 13:37:29 GMT
Train strikes: Drivers vote to continue walkouts
Aslef members back walkouts for the next six months, as the union begins nine days of action.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 11:55:25 GMT
Bank branch closures hits Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's constituency
The last bank in Richmond, North Yorkshire, is one of 18 branch closures announced by Barclays.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 11:38:17 GMT
House prices edge up as hopes rise of lower mortgage rates
The Nationwide says there are "encouraging signs" that mortgage rates are starting to come down.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 12:36:07 GMT
Energy saving scheme: What is the Demand Flexibility Service?
A scheme to reward people for cutting back on electricity use is running for a second day this week.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 19:13:27 GMT
US aims to limit China's role in electric cars
The US unveils rules aimed at keeping Chinese components out of electric cars sold in the country.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 12:29:45 GMT
Sir James Dyson loses libel claim against Daily Mirror publisher
The inventor was suing the newspaper for libel over an article published in January 2022.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 11:01:44 GMT
Wilko: First new stores reopen in Devon
The branches are the first to be introduced nationally following the chain's collapse in August.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:18:42 GMT
'Sued by my abuser for millions, I set up a social network instead'
The app that gives women a place to speak out about sexual harassment and other #MeToo issues.
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Thu, 30 Nov 2023 21:18:50 GMT
Will Tesla's cybertruck recover from its shattering start?
Tesla boss Elon Musk says the new cybertruck will "change the look of the roads".
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 11:22:19 GMT
Government intervenes in Abu Dhabi's bid to buy Telegraph
The sale of the newspaper to Gulf investors has been referred to the competition and media regulators.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2023 04:48:10 GMT
TikTok: US judge blocks Montana's ban citing free speech
Chinese-owned app welcomes the ruling against "unconstitutional law" due to come into effect in January.
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Thu, 30 Nov 2023 14:02:20 GMT
RMT votes to end rail strikes until at least spring
Rail workers have voted to accept a pay deal, ending their involvement in a long-running series of strikes.
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Thu, 30 Nov 2023 00:01:29 GMT
Why food discount stickers may be a thing of the past
Supermarkets and other retailers are increasing switching to AI-powered digital price displays.
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Thu, 30 Nov 2023 16:28:08 GMT
Alistair Darling: Steady hand in an economic crisis
Former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling, who has died at the age of 70, found himself at the centre of the 2008 global financial crisis.
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