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Defects are not so much a technological problem as a sociological problem.

It's the system for building systems that we should be correcting.

The only unforgivable failure is the failure to learn from past failure.

Tom DeMarco: "Controlling Software Projects - Management Measurement & Estimation"

The lamp of experience... I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

Patrick Henry

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Tablet/Mobile website
Mon, 17 May 2021 15:49:53 GMT
Bill Gates left Microsoft amid affair investigation
Microsoft has said that it investigated Mr Gates' attempt in 2000 "to initiate an intimate relationship".
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Mon, 17 May 2021 14:11:48 GMT
Lockdown easing fails to lure back shoppers
Despite UK hospitality venues trading more freely, fewer people have been visiting shops than last week.
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Mon, 17 May 2021 13:19:37 GMT
AT&T and Discovery to create new streaming giant
The deal will see Harry Potter-maker Warner Bros. and Discovery take on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon.
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Mon, 17 May 2021 15:53:34 GMT
Covid-19: Thousands head overseas on holiday as rules ease
Holidaymakers from England, Scotland and Wales are now able to jet off for some early summer sun.
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Mon, 17 May 2021 07:11:11 GMT
Ryanair: Signs of summer travel rebound
Europe's largest budget carrier says pent-up demand has sparked a surge in booking.
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Mon, 17 May 2021 14:20:14 GMT
Long working hours killing 745,000 people a year, study finds
The World Health Organization says the trend may worsen due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Mon, 17 May 2021 07:21:31 GMT
Firms call for more help after 'haemorrhaging cash'
Despite lockdown easing, businesses say they need more support to manage the impact of the last year.
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Sat, 15 May 2021 23:32:00 GMT
Covid: A tenth of Britain's restaurants lost during pandemic
As bars, pubs and restaurants prepare to welcome customers back indoors, some will not reopen at all.
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Sun, 16 May 2021 23:02:51 GMT
Covid: Cinemas prepare for filmgoers' return
The boss of Odeon on how her cinemas are adapting with extra Covid safety measures in order to reopen.
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Sat, 15 May 2021 23:34:00 GMT
No alternative to vaccine passports, says Dubai airport boss
Dubai is the world's busiest airport and its boss says vaccine passports will get us flying again.
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Sat, 15 May 2021 21:32:30 GMT
Santander banking services working again after day of technical problems
The bank says all of its services are now working as normal and promises "no one will be out of pocket".
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Fri, 14 May 2021 21:03:37 GMT
Last Debenhams stores close their doors
After 240 years of trading, Debenhams's remaining stores are welcoming customers for the last time.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 15:23:07 GMT
Portugal to allow UK tourists from Monday
The government in Lisbon says anyone arriving will need to take a negative PCR test before departure.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 11:36:57 GMT
Gupta empire facing UK fraud probe over Greensill
The group run by Liberty Steel owner Sanjeev Gupta is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 10:28:08 GMT
Cleared postmaster hid conviction from his family
The convictions of two more former Post Office branch managers - wrongly accused of theft - have been quashed.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 13:33:35 GMT
Bid to make financial terms and conditions clearer
The City regulator wants firms to have a Consumer Duty to ensure fairness and value in products.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 18:04:21 GMT
Covid: Greece ends lockdown measures and opens to tourists
Flights arrive in Greece as restrictions on movement are lifted, but infections are still quite high.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 11:27:41 GMT
Amazon set to hire 10,000 UK workers
The tech giant is tightening its grip on retail as the coronavirus pandemic continues.
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Fri, 14 May 2021 20:55:58 GMT
Debenhams: 'It's only fixtures and fittings, we'll still be friends'
Staff reminisce about the Mansfield branch of Debenhams, which closed this week, after five decades.
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Thu, 13 May 2021 23:06:29 GMT
Building's hard problem - making concrete green
Concrete accounts for 8% of carbon dioxide emissions, but some firms are hoping to cut that down.
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