Information Technology

Consulting - TLP Zebra

for Microsoft Windows

A very lightweight Windows freeware software that includes two EXE files:
TLPMON - a monitoring utility that runs as an icon in the Windows System Tray.
TLPBARC - a generic command-line barcode print utility.

TLPMON uses the "InBox - OutBox" principle; looks in the "InBox" folder for a text file.

As soon as that file is found it moves it into the "OutBox" folder and prints the barcode label by running a TLPBARC command with parameters as listed in its INI file.

Once the label was printed the (data) text file is deleted from the "OutBox", allowing for another such sequence of events to re-occur.

The print request (barcode value with date and time) is logged in a text log file that may be used for auditing, or if needed for reprint purposes.

Right-hand click on the TLPMON icon and a menu with a number of "configurable" options (set in its INI file) appears.

The barcode parameters: barcode position on label, rotation, font, label size, etc., are all configured using the text INI file. This configuration file may also be set via an easy to use graphical interface.

A comprehensive help file is included.
This app could be used as is, or if needed it could be further developed to suit your needs.

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