Information Technology

Simple CMS for websites

- Switzerland (Lausanne)

Your are happy with your website contents and structure, so you do not need to add or remove any webpages. You do however wish to occasionally modify some text or replace images. If so, a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) alike WordPress, Drupal, MODx, Typo3, Joomla, or concrete5 would not be the most adequate tool for your website maintenance. These traditional CMS are much too complex, not very user friendly and would certainly add unnecessary "load" to your website.

Here is a simple CMS application for Microsoft Windows. It uses neither a database nor flat file. In fact, just like any light Windows software, it installs in seconds. It leaves absolutely no traces on the website itself. It provides a very easy means for a non-technical website owner to add, delete, or modify text or replace images on web pages. Text modification is as easy as using a text editor and images replacing is done using drag and drop, or browse and select. This software also optimises your images prior to publishing, therefore ensuring that your website remains effective at all times.

This App was designed in response to the needs expressed by a number of websites owners, to be able to quickly apply simple text modifications to an already designed and operative website. Just like using a text editor, with this software one gets to quickly modify and publish text containing: business opening hours, holidays closures, descriptions or price of items, or persons' details and contacts (addresses, phone numbers, email), website hyperlinks, or any other text in paragraphs that have been determined ahead as "editable".

It has never been the author's intention to offer functionality that might compete with any of the current, more comprehensive CMS software.

This is a very user friendly, light, simple and easy to use Web site CMS. It intentionally inhibits its users from interfering with the webpages structures, website menus or multimedia content. It allows the replacement of images, but not the modification of images or videos sizes, and/or their placement on the webpage.

To set up and start using this App one would need the ftp connection details to the respective website, that is: the host server name, the ftp user id and password and the website's registered domain name.

Developed with C++ and the Microsoft Visual Studio. It is bilingual (English and French).

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Library Management Software

- Switzerland (Geneve)

This application was designed using Microsoft Access for Windows. It is a Library Management System capable of handling the primary housekeeping functions of a small to medium size library. It provides a method for sorting of books by themes and keywords, follow up on books on loan. It automates the task of creating labels for books, enabling the librarian to quickly locate, or reinsert books on the library shelves.

Splash screen
Login screen
Main menu
Books list with status
Book available for loan
Find books on shelves
Book already on loan
Select book to loan
Record a book on loan
Return a book
Confirm book returned
Late return of book
Books' keywords
List of library members
Details of members
Members' profiles
List of books report
List of members report
Version, backup and update
It keeps a list of books and allows their classification using keywords. It provides a means to locate each book in the library and tracks the books and their checkouts, as well as members' subscriptions and their profiles.

Developed for Microsoft Access with Microsoft Visual Studio and VBA. Designed for a French library, but it could easily be adapted to English, or to any other language.

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