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Olivetti P6060

The Olivetti P6060 was the first personal computer with a built-in floppy disk.

Presented in April 1975 by the Italian manufacturer at the Hannover fair, used the BASIC language and stored data on Olivetti specific 2.5" 3KB mylar minidisc. Its Central Processing Unit (CPU) was on two cards with TTL components. It had an 80-column graphical thermal printer and 48 Kb of RAM.

The P6060 was in competition with a similar product by IBM that had an external floppy disk drive.

The First National Bank of South Africa (Barclays Bank) used the P6060 for its International Money transfers (Telegraphic Message Authentication), until about 1992 when it was replaced by IBM PS/2 with an application programmed using the C language under MS-DOS.