Christiane Schwaller:
"Through a varied range of expression, which includes as well as filigree-work and Japanese prints, fresco and stained glass, the artist can respect his inner vision which invites thought and mediation.

His art is far from suggesting serenity and his province is not that of the day-dream nor of supremo beauty, but rather that of turmoil, as revealed by the gravity of line and colour, and the instinctive draughtsmanship, at times violent and cross-hatched, but invariably pregnant and vivid.

To appreciate and understand such works of art, they must be restored to their controversial, uneasy, questioning context. In them, the human being appears, metamorphosed by his conflicts, his anguish, his obsessions, a storm of feelings bursts within him, and passion, like resignation, transfigures him.

The artist's expression of form, the vehemence of his angular style of drawing, recall ROUNALT.

His work springs from imagination and inner vision rather than striving to reproduce the outward appearance of reality. The artist shows a preference for portraiture- although he strives against his taste for faces - and his favourite subjects include Christ, peasant women, the Fates, clowns, allegorical and metaphorical representations.

His favourite techniques are wash and monotype. Direct, vigorous, swift notation, a flowing sinuosity combined with the multiplicity of the means of expression (graphics, oils, lino engraving, ceramics, metalloplasty, tapestry) render a wide range of profoundly human sentiments."