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Vilma Fred AlaTimer
for Microsoft Windows
XP, 7, 8, 10

Parenting software

pdf Kids don't yet know how to balance their activities!

pdf Detox Your Kids from Screen Addiction!

AlaTimer, with the friendly assistance of Fred Flintstone helps parents monitor and restrict their kids' daily computer use and Internet access time. restrict computer and internet time Fred allows each child (Windows user) a daily number of minutes per day. With Fred's help you can also restrict the use of the computer (login hours) and/or the Internet access, on any of the computers on your home network.

There is no limit to the number of computers and/or the number of users that Fred Flintstone can monitor and control, remotely.
hover Hover the mouse over Fred's icon and a short message pops up, showing the number of minutes that were used and the minutes left, before Fred would pop-up a 60 seconds warning message and then automatically logoff, shutdown, or restart the computer.
auto logoff
AlaTimer provides additional security to your computer, by blocking access to Windows Control Panel, Date and Time, Task Manager, Command window and Registry Editors.
blocked Assuming that your Windows computers share a home network, you can modify any of the AlaTimer restrictions, remotely, from your own computer; change the daily allocated minutes, Login or Internet access hours for a child that has not completed homework. These changes take effect, in near real-time!

Fred Flintstone Run AlaTimer in stealth (invisible) mode and record the visited Internet web-sites. Nagging will not educate your kids to share the use of one computer, or to spend less time on the Internet. With AlaTimer there will be no siblings' arguments!

Just relax and let Fred take control, while you remotely monitor and manage your kids' use of the computer and the Internet.

Enjoy full use of AlaTimer today, absolutely free!
AlaTimer is compatible with
				Windows XP and Windows 7 x32 or x64 AlaTimer is compatible with
				Windows 8, 8.1 32 or 64bit AlaTimer is compatible
				with Windows 10